Skype for Business - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use Skype for Business?

Students, Faculty, and Staff can use Skype for Business.  


Can Students, Faculty, and Staff communicate with each other via Skype for Business?

Yes! Students, Faculty, and Staff can communicate with each other over Skype for Business by using the "Find someone" instructions, and add them to the contact list with the instructions under the "Add a contact" section, at Skype for Business 2015 Contacts, Presence, and IM.


Can Contacts from another organization be reached with Skype for Business?

Quite often, the answer is yes. Type in the email address of your contact in the Search field and see if they are found. The University of New Hampshire is openly federated to Skype for Business which allows our Skype for Business users to communicate with any other organization with an openly federated Skype for Business environment.


Can Skype for Business communicate with Skype users?

Yes. You can communicate with colleagues from around the globe if they have Skype accounts.  Follow the "Find Someone" instructions in theSkype for Business 2015 Contacts, Presence, and IM article to find your Skype friends. Follow the "Add a Contact" section to add them to the contact list.

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