Setting Permissions on a Public Folder in Outlook 2013

An Owner of a Public Folder may change the permissions on the Public Folder besides Send As permissions. 


It is recommended to keep default settings as none as this applies to all of UNH Faculty/Staff/Students, USNH, and Granite Faculty/Staff.

To set permissions on a Public Folder in Outlook 2013: 

  • Access the Public Folder
  • Right-click the Public Folder
  • Choose Properties from the context menu
  • If you are an Owner, there will be a Permissions tab.  Click on it.
  • Clicking Add will allow you to choose a user from the Global Address List.
  • Assign the necessary permissions using the pre-created Permission Levels or add permissions by hand.
  • To remove users, click the name in the Permissions tab and click Remove.


Be careful setting permissions for Default as Default are all users with a UNH Exchange mailbox.  Setting permissions for Default could leave your Public Folder accessible by thousands of users.  Unless your Public Folder is a Mail Enabled Public Folder, you may be better off setting the permission level for Default at None.

Anonymous are users from mail servers outside of the UNH Exchange ecosystem.  This includes students, CISUNIX users, Gmail, other universities, Comcast, etc.  Unless your Public Folder is a Mail Enabled Public Folder, you should set the Permission Level for Anonymous to None.

For more information on the Anonymous and Default permission levels for Mail Enabled Public Folders, please see Setting my Mail Enabled Public Folder to accept Incoming Email.

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