Set up your Account in Mac Mail

Note: If you have just migrated to Exchange Online it is recommended that you remove and re-add your mac mail account.

Set up your Account in Mac Mail

  1. Open the Mail application
  2. In the top left ribbon select Mail and then Accounts or Add Account
  3. Select Exchange
  4. Enter your name and username@affiliation as the email address

Log into Exchange on Mac Mail

  1. Click sign in and sign in again
  2. It will bring you to a UNH Authentication page where you will enter your password
  3. Choose the apps you would like to sync and click done

To update your email address display:

MacMail - Change Email Alias

  1. Click Mail in the top right corner, then Preferences
  2. Select Accounts and then your UNH Exchange Account
  3. Under the Email Address: field select Edit Email Addresses
  4. Click the plus
  5. Fill in your name and
  6. Hit OK


If you are having trouble logging in, try running the Microsoft SARA.

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