Sending a Meeting Request in the Outlook Web App or Office 365

Exchange and email users can request a meeting with another user in the web interface of the Outlook Web App or in Office 365.


  • Log into the web interface for your email.
  • Go to the Calendar section.
    • In the Outlook Web App for Exchange email accounts, click "Calendar" in the top right corner.
    • In Wildcats email, click the app launcher in the top left and choose "Calendar."
  • Click the “New” or “New event” button.
  • Edit the “Event” or “Title” field with an appropriate title for the meeting.
  • A lengthy description or agenda can be populated in the large text box at the bottom of the invitation.
  • Type in the email address of the person or people whom you wish to schedule a meeting with in the “Attendees” or “People” field.



  • Click the “Scheduling Assistant” button.
    • You can also add attendees here in the “Attendees” field.
  • Use the interface to find a time when you and the attendee are free.  Conflicts will be listed.
  • When you have found a time for your meeting, click OK.



  • Fill out any more information including whether to have a Reminder appear before the meeting.
  • When you have filled out the invitation to your liking, press the “Send” button to send the invite.
  • The recipient will receive a Meeting Invite and can choose to Accept or Decline the meeting.
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