SecureAuth and Single Sign On (SSO) - Info and Go-Live Dates

UNH IT adding new ‘behind the scenes’ method to authenticate users

UNH IT is using an Identity Provider service (SecureAuth) that authenticates users by means of security tokens.  SecureAuth will allow us to create a new single-sign (SSO) on environment with expanded capability to include many more applications. 

This new service is configured for SSO to the new portal (  SSO allows the user to login once to an SSO application and move to another application without providing credentials.  For instance, if a user is logged into Kaltura and wants to login into the portal they will not be prompted for credentials as long as they are using the same browser session.

UNH IT will continue to move applications to SSO with the portal.  Please check the change calendar every week to see what authentication changes are scheduled.

As of “Go-Live” for the new portal on May 22, 2017 the following applications can do SSO.



SSO with Portal  


Learning Management System



Lecture Capture and Video Portal



First-year Innovation and Research Experience



Course Evaluations



Student Self-Service


UNH Mobile App

Phone Application



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