Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Directed Communication Overview

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Directed Communication


Welcome  to the information page for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Directed Communication System.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the replacement for the legacy, Blackboard Directed Communication System.

Directed Communication is available to UNH users to send official communications to internal constituents via email.

  • Official communications are defined as:
    • Emergency Notifications
    • Legal or compliance requirement
    • Non-emergency health or safety information
    • Requires action to be taken
    • Information from UNH Administration
  • Internal Constituents are:
    • Active Employees (Faculty and Staff)
    • Active Students
    • Parents of Active Students

Since these are to be focused, official messages, members of the UNH community who want access to DCS must have a business need for this tool and be approved by an appropriate administrator.   All of these messages are sent to the constituent's UNH email address.

Directed Communication Messages created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud require approval prior to being distributed.  Details on the approval queues for sending messages can be reviewed here: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Approval Teams 

To get started sending Salesforce Marketing Cloud Directed Communications please see these related articles:

For details on some key differences between the legacy, Blackboard Directed Communication, and the new Salesforce Marketing Cloud, review this article:Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Key Changes to Directed Communication Functionality 


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