Rich Media: Overview

Media & Collaboration Services offers expertiseconsultationequipment, and guides for faculty and students to make your use of media a success no matter your intended outcome. We're always happy to discuss the pedagogy behind your use of media and how to successfully work it into your course without it feeling tacked on.

To Convey Information

The old saying says a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words would it take to describe what can be displayed in a well crafted video? Let us help you assess your needs and what media may help as well as provide you with the guides needed to plan your project.

As Assessment

Want to know those thousands of words a student might use to describe a concept? Assign a rich media project to individuals or groups and really see how they understand. Worried about how to incorporate an assignment like this? Don't worry, we have the guides and resources to help you do it.

For Fun

Want to make the next viral video, or next meme mashup? We're here with the tools and consultation to help you.

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