Retrieve Missing Documents from an "Old" Wildcat User Profile on a Domain-joined Workstation

If you previously logged into a non-cluster workstation with your Wildcat account and saved data locally, you may run into an issue where your data is not available when you log in.

If this is the case, contact your local IT support professional who can transfer data from the old user profile on the local workstation to your new user profile using their administrative rights on the workstation. 

  • Both profiles will be in the Users folder, typically on the C:\ drive.  Your old profile should be labeled with just your username.  The new profile will be labeled with your username with a “.AD” at the end.
  • Most users store their files in either the Desktop or Documents folders.
  • Once found, the files can be copied and pasted to the new user profile.


If you use Box @ UNH, you can store your data securely in the cloud instead of on a local workstation.  For more information, go to Get Box @ UNH

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