Request for Use of Preferred Name in Specific Application

While work has been done to incorporate the use of Student Preferred First Name across UNH’s enterprise applications, there are some instances where the timing of the designation of a Preferred First Name determines whether that name will be used by an application instead of the Legal First Name.  For these applications, users will need to manually request that the name being used by that specific application be changed to their Preferred First Name. Click here for more information about the use of student preferred first name at UNH.

Request Process

Identify where your preferred name is not being displayed in an application and you want to request that the specific application be updated. There are two pathways you can use to make this request:

Option 1

Click here to go to the Preferred Name Request Form and complete the form, indicating where your legal first name is displaying instead of your preferred first name.

Option 2

Notify the LGBTQ+ commission office that your name is incorrectly displaying in one of our applications. The Commission office will contact IT, where they will complete the request form on your behalf.

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