Registering A Phone Number For SmartAuth

To register, go to:

SmartAuth is a multi-factor authentication service provided to University System of New Hampshire (USNH) - Granite State College, Keene State College, Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire, System Office - staff, faculty, and students. It helps protect your account even if your password is stolen.

To use SmartAuth, you must register at least one phone number .   When registering a phone,  you need to be in possession of it as a passcode will be sent to the phone via voice or sms/text (depending on the choice you pick) and you will need to enter the passcode to complete registration.

Supported Devices

SmartAuth can be used with any type of phone - smartphone, mobile phone, landline phone - as well as tablets (IOS and Android).

Authenticate app icon Most people will appreciate the ease and convenience of using their existing smartphone—a mobile phone that enables you to download and install apps and receive and send text messages— and the Authenticate app to verify their identity. The Authenticate app is free, secure, and simple to use and creates no data on your device.  Instead of waiting for a passcode to be delivered to your phone, you always have one available in the app.  


Device Type Login Options Notes
Smartphone or Tablet

Supported Platforms:
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Voice (phone call)
  • SMS/text
  • Authenticate app - Passcode
  • Authenticate app - Login Request
  • Authenticate app (from SecureAuth) is free to download
  • The Authenticate app does not require cellular or wifi service to generate a passcode. So if you work in an area where cellular service is unreliable, it is recommended that you regiser the Authenticate app.
  • If you select a "Login Request", a login request is sent to your Authenticate app. You select 'Accept' to authenticate eliminating the need to type a passcode.
Mobile Phone
Supported Platforms:
  • Any mobile phone
  • Voice (phone call)
  • SMS/text
Landline Phone
Supported Platforms:
  • Any landline phone
  • Voice (phone call)


Registration Steps SmartAuth Self-Service Login

Go to:

Login to SmartAuth Profile with your username and password.   This is where you register to use SmartAuth and manage your SmartAuth profile data - your phones and devices.

If you do not already have a phone number registered, you will be prompted for your 9-digit USNH ID Number.  Enter your ID Number and select Continue.  Note: if you don't have your ID Number handy, you can look up your 9-digit USNH ID Number here .


Follow the instructions on screen and below to register a phone number .

1. Enter your phone number. 

2. Select whether or not you want to receive passcodes by  SMS/Text.

3. Select ’Send Code’.   Depending on your selection in Step 2, you will either receive a phone call or a SMS/Text with your passcode.  Enter the passcode and select "Confirm Code".

4. Enter a name for your device (optional) and select ’Save’.

Once you have successfully registered one phone number, you can either register a second number ( strongly recommended in the event you are without the primary) or select "Skip this step and Continue".

If you select "Skip this Step and Continue", you will be presented with your SmartAuth Profile settings. This is where you manage your SmartAuth information.

From your SmartAuth profile, you can perform the following actions:

* Manage Phone Numbers - Remove a registered phone number by selecting the Remove button next to the phone number. Or select the Register a New Phone Number link to add a new one.

* Manage Devices Registered with the Authenticate App.   Instructions for Registering the Authenticate App.


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