Password Managers 101

What They Are…

Password Managers are exactly what they sound like. They are applications that everyday users can utilize to manage passwords and usernames for their many website and application accounts. These tools make it easier to follow good security practices like using a different password for each account and using long, strong, complex passwords. 

What They Do…

Password Managers store each username and password alongside its unique, designated website. They keep all passwords together in one safe, encrypted location called a password vault. These Password Managers are useful because you only need to remember one username and password, referred to as your master password.  Most Password Managers also allow you to protect your passwords with multi-factor authentication, making it even harder for an unauthorized person to gain access to your password vault. 

Which One Is Right for You…

The following reviews provide detailed information about the most popular password managers including features, pro and con lists, and cost that can be of assistance in selecting the password manager that is right for your needs. 


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