Password Change Process Modifications for Sophos Encryption users

*This process applies to Sophos SafeGuard users only.  Users who have Sophos with BitLocker do not need to follow this process.*

After users have completed the password change process on the Accounts page, but *before* they reboot the computer, they must perform a “Synchronize” with Sophos. This action will synchronize all keys and certificates associated with the user’s AD account with the locally cached copy within the Sophos installation on the desktop.

To perform the ‘Synchronize’ function:

Have the user right-click the Sophos icon and select ‘Synchronize’, as shown:

Once synchronization is completed, users may reboot the computer and complete the password change process as documented.


If you do NOT sync Sophos before restarting:

Once you notice the issue, if any other software is running, shut them down. 

Restart your computer again and, before starting any other software, sync Sophos as above.

A final restart will allow everything to run as expected.

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