Obtaining Refunds in Case of Printing Problems or Charging Errors

The public printing services in the Student Computing Clusters, Libraries, and elsewhere on campus work on a pay-to-print basis.  While the system works properly nearly all of the time, occasional paper jams, other issues with the printers, or glitches in the charging can result in users paying for a printout and not receiving what they paid for.  When this happens, there are two options available:

Option 1: Contact the Academic Technology Support Center in Dimond Library for a free reprint

The ATSC staff have the ability to send print jobs through free of charge.  If you have a problem in one of the Cluster or Library locations with a paper jam or other printer malfunction, this is the first and best option.  In Dimond Library, you can go directly to the ATSC desk on the main floor.  From anywhere else on campus, you can reach the ATSC staff via chat support at https://clusters.unh.edu/help/.  Once you have explained the problem, the ATSC support staff can both send someone over to address the printer problem and can have you reprint the same job and send it to a working printer free of charge.

Option 2: Request a refund to your Cat's Cache account

The only group on campus who can issue refunds to the Cat's Cache accounts are the staff of the UNH Dining ID office.  The ID Office is located in the MUB.  Their phone number is 862-1821.  If you are unable to request a reprint or if you think you have been charged the incorrect amount, then the ID Office can provide credits back to your account in appropriate situations.

Refunds are only given in the case of a malfunction

Note that both of these remedies are only available in situations where there is a malfunction of the printers or the Cat's Cache charging system.  If you inadvertently printed something, did not like how things were formatted, meant to only print a portion of a document, or other situations where you did receive a proper copy of what you submitted to print, there will not be any refunds given.


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