Nextbus Account FAQ

What is a NextBus account?

NextBus is a public transit GPS vehicle tracking system used by UNH Transportation to track the Wildcat Transit Fleet. Some UNH Transportation employees require a NextBus account. Account requests for a NextBus account are available through the Accounts Management System, and NextBus account users should contact the UNH IT Service Desk for assistance with password issues.

How do I request a NextBus account?

Access to the NextBus application can be requested through the Accounts Management System at The account is listed under “Auxiliary Campus Services.”

How do I log in to my NextBus account?

Your username for NextBus is the same as your UNH Username.  You will set your password for NextBus at the time your account is established.

I forgot my NextBus password.  How can I reset my password?

Password resets for NextBus can be requested through the UNH IT Service Desk by calling 603-862-4242.

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