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This article will describe what to consider when creating a campaign as well as instructions on how to create a campaign.

What is an appointment campaign?

Appointment Campaigns enable advisors to request that specific students schedule an appointment within a certain time frame defined by the advisor . This is in contrast to the advisor creating appointments for each student.  This feature is commonly used when an advisor must meet with all their students at least once per term such as class registration.

Why create a campaign?

  1.   Brings advisees into your office during a defined time
  2.   Provides a direct link for the student via email or the advising interface giving them options for appointments within campaign time frame (i.e. registration time only)
  3.   Advisor can control the dates and times
  4.   Gives the advisor the ability to specify which group can make appointments (i.e. freshman on Mondays, sophomores on Tuesdays...)
  5.   Campaign management allows the advisor to see who has made or not made an appointment for a specific campaign
  6.   Advisor can define the number of students they can meet with at one time
  7.   Information sessions, workshops, RSVP events

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How to create a campaign

Although there are several ways to create a campaign, it is recommended that you follow these steps to be successful.

Add campaign availability

  1. Navigate to Advisor Home Page
  2. Click on My Availability
  3. Click Actions
  4. Click Add Time
  5. Add Campaign availability details 
    1. NOTE:  Do not overlap campaign/non-campaign availabilityFor effective campaign management use Services: Advising Campaign 1,2.... If you are creating simultaneous campaigns be sure to pick different #'s. If creating a single campaign with several availabilities pick any of these and use it consistently. Location is defined in this application as the Department to which the appointment is associated.  Add specific appointment location (building and room number)  to the details area         
  6. Click Save  

 Define the campaign

  1. Under Actions (Right side quick Launch) Click Appointment Campaign
  2. Add Campaign Details

    Campaign Name: Campaign Name is visible to the person creating the campaign and any other users who have access to view campaigns, but not visible to the student. We recommend adding your initials to the campaign name to make it easier for other staff to know who created the campaign if they are included.

    Care Unit: Select College or Major Specific AdvisingNOTE:  UNH is not currently using the Tutoring functionality within mWS.

     Location: Select the Department of where the appointment(s) is associated

    Service: should match availability.  If no options show, the user may not have any Campaign availability set.

    Begin and End Date: These are the dates to which the campaign will be open.  After the end date the campaign will "expire" and no student will be able to schedule appointments for this campaign. 

     Appointment Limit: This will determine how many appointments you wish for the student to schedule during the campaign.

    Appointment Length: This is where you define exactly how long the appointment will be. 

    Slots per Time: Appointments can be individual or group. By adding more than one "slot per time", you can have a group appointment.  This limits the number of attendees to the number defined.  This is first come, first served when sent to students.


      4. Click Continue

Adding attendees (advisors and students)

You have several ways to search for and select your students either by Saved Searches, Advanced Search or Watch List.

Invite All My Assigned Students:  From the "Add Students" screen scroll to the bottom of the advanced search and simply check the box that says "My Students Only" and click Search. This will return all students assigned to you the advisor where you can then select all and add them to the Campaign.

Advanced Search: Use the Advanced Search filters to find and select students. After starting the search, you will be presented with a list of students. Select the students you wish to add and then choose Add Selected Users and Search for More from the actions menu. If you have created a watch list and would like to associate that list a campaign you can find the watch list under Student Information. For more information on watch lists. See the related article: Watch Lists

NOTE:  when using Advanced Search, the results returned are not limited to just  your assigned students.  You can pare the list down to just your assigned students by using the, "My Students Only" check box at the bottom of the search.

You can remove students from the campaign if needed. For example, if you met with one of the students already and don't need them to come in during the campaign period, they can be removed by selecting the student and using the "Actions" menu to "Remove Selected Users"

  1. Choose All Students or perform an advanced search
  2. Click Continue
  3. Add Advisors
  4. Click Continue

Add Organizers to Campaign

  1. Select the staff (advisors) that will be part of the campaign.

NOTE: Organizers will need to have availability set up specifically for Campaigns in order for anyone to show in this page.  The Service types from My Availability and Campaign Details must match for the user to show up in this area.

2.  Click Continue

 Compose message

  This message will be sent to all the students  you included in this campaign.


  • Do not change the text within the Brackets { }.  The system will merge student names into this area. 
  • You can update the information in the body of the message but make sure that the directions for using the included link remain.  {$schedule_link}  
  • An example of the message and what the advisee should see is displayed at the bottom
  1. If needed, edit body of message accordingly keeping {text} in tact
  2. Confirm that message is set appropriately by viewing example at the bottom
  3. Click Continue

 Confirm and send

  1. Confirm all the details
  2. Click Send


1.  There is no automatic reminder email sent to all those who have not made an appointment for a campaign. The creator would have to go into that tab “appointments not yet made” and resend the campaign email or send a different email to remind people to make an appointment.  

2. For those who HAVE scheduled an appointment after getting a campaign email, if they opt to get reminders, they get one 24 hours before and at 9am the morning of the appointment.

3.  At the student profile level, Active Campaign Appointments will not show unless "today's date" falls within the campaign window.


Need additional help?

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