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Search... Click... Done!  

That is all you have to do to find what you’re looking for in the new myUNH portal, that offers a wide array of information for the UNH community.  We encourage you to set myUNH ( ) as your browser homepage on all your devices - yes the new portal is mobile friendly!  myUNH is mobile friendly and does not require you to install a mobile app.   So the activities or information you use frequently here at UNH is at your fingertips.  


The site is very easy to use and here are a few suggestions for you so you can personalize the portal which will allow you to search and navigate easily. The image below has some help descriptions that visually show you how navigate myUNH.   Keep reading for more in-depth information on how you can customize the site to show your Favorite tasks.   


Alerts -  Important alerts display below the blue bar.  These will be alerts from the Police department,  IT outages, weather related issues.

Announcements  - Important announcements from UNH community or departments will display just below the blue filter bar and Alerts.  Only 2 announcements appear on the dashboard, select the View All, to display all announcements. These announcements will display for 1 week before being removed. 





Search for a Task

The myUNH portal does not require you to login before searching and accessing tasks.  However, some tasks require UNH credentials and you will be prompted to login should you launch one of these links.  Some applications share a sign-in with the new portal, so if you have logged into the portal, you won’t be required to login again.  The myUNH portal offers additional features after you login such as customizing your Favorites or specific profile settings.  To login, click on the Sign In  button and choose Sign In from the contextual window .    

If your browser allows cookies, your selections on the myUNH portal will be remembered the next time you go to the site. Once you have Sign In to the portal, any of the following tasks will be remembered by your user profile;  your campus, your role and My Favorite, and My Recently Used.


Personalize your search

 There are multiple ways you can search for a task. You can enter key word or phrase in the search field and browse through the results.  You can also use the filter options to narrow your search by campus, role and/or category.


On the top right side, use the drop down to select your campus and/or role.   Once you have selected a campus and role, my.UNH will remember the options you selected.   In addition, you can select the drop down for the Browse Categories to filter for any tasks related to a specific category.  All three options can be combined to fine tune your search results. 

  1. Selecting your campus  - Select your campus to show only tasks relevant to the location.  Click on the campuses drop down and set your location (All Campuses, Durham, Law, Manchester or USNH).    Only 1 campus can be selected at a time.
  2. Select your role  -  Select your role to display tasks assigned to these UNH community members. Click on the roles contextual menu and set your role or roles.  You may select multiple roles.  
  3. Search by Category  -  Select the Browse Category to narrow your search field. 


Navigating a Task or Task Center

Once you have located your Task, you have the option to view additional Task details or launch the Task to navigate to the activity.

Check out the article myUNH Portal - Tasks and Task Centers   for additional details about Tasks and Task Centers.




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