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UNH Academic Technology offers the myPages service for creation of personal, research, project, coursework, or other academically focused websites.  myPages is a free website building tool available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of New Hampshire.  Powered by the OpenScholar framework, myPages allows easy creation of appealing and functional websites to share research, scholarship, and other information with the UNH community and the public.

The myPages service is accessed at  Any current student, current employee, or faculty emeritus can login and create a website on demand.  There are a few important guidelines about the myPages service to be aware of:

  • myPages is not to be used as the official website for any UNH college, school, institute, department, or administrative or service unit.
  • Individuals may create up to three websites in myPages on your own.  If you have a need for more than that, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk to put in a request.
  • The site owner of each myPages site is responsible for all of the content on your site, whether you created it yourself or it was created by another collaborator whom you granted access to your site.

For additional resources and details about myPages, please see the About myPages at UNH site that is built and maintained with the myPages service.  It provides documentation, guidelines, and examples of many of the capabilities of myPages.  For individuals wishing to get started, with their own site, we highly recommend you review our Site Owner Basics documentation before getting started.

myPages is offered as a self-service tool.  Training sessions on myPages are offered periodically and anyone working on a myPages site who has questions about how to use the tool or post a certain kind of content is welcome to attend the open walk-in training and help sessions that Academic Technology offers in support of Drupal and myPages web authors.  For a schedule of the training sessions and walk-in times, see the Academic Technology training calendar.

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