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This article describes how to import or copy course content from a myCourses course.

To Copy a Course:

If you have been building your course in a Sandbox course and are now ready to copy into your "live" course, then follow the instructions below.   The Course Copy option is found under the "Import Content into this Course" button.

  1. Log into myCourses, at
  2. Select the course into which you would like to import content. 
  3. In the course menu on the left, select Settings.
  4. Select "Import Content into this Course" from the right-hand menu.
  5. In the Content Type drop down menu, select the "Copy a Canvas course".
  6. In the "Search for a course" field, search for your course by typing the course name into the field or selecting a course from the dropdown menu. (Be sure to click the "Include completed courses" radio button if you wish to copy content from a completed or concluded course.)
  7. Select the option to copy either all content or specific content.  (You will be prompted to select specific content after you select the Import button)  See Copy Specific Content from one course to another course  for more details.
  8. Optional Step:  Select the adjust dates option, if you are copying a course from a previous semester.  See myCourses Course Copy - Adjust Dates  for more details.
  9. Click the Import button.
  10. If you have selected to a copy specific content click on the Select Content button to open a window to select the specific content.
  11. A message will appear that the copy process has started. When it is finished you will see a "Complete" message.
  12. Go to the Course Menu links to see your course content that has been copied.  


Here is a link to the Canvas guides if you want more details about the topic.


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