myCourses Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in myCourses:
Q1. How long is a course available to students and faculty after the end of the term?
A1. By default, students and faculty will continue to have full access to the course until the term end date which is set to be 4 weeks after Commencement for Spring Semester.   Full access means you can view all content and grades, interact with any quizzes or assignments that are still available and change grades.
Q2.  After the 4 weeks what access do students have?
A2.  After 4 weeks the course will go to a read only state and will be removed from the Dashboard and Default Course list for the student and it will now appear in an area called 'Past Enrollments' that they can see if they go to the 'View All Courses' link after clicking on the 'Courses' navigation link.  See this Canvas guide for more details on the course list:   Note all course materials are still accessible by students in the 'Past Enrollments' area as read only resources.  The restrictions on the course are around interacting with the course or other course participants. This includes using Inbox email tool, messages and notifications which are no longer active.
Q3.  I don't want the students to have any access to the course and course materials after the term has ended, how do I control this?
A3.  You can update the course settings as shown below.  Check the box to 'Restrict Students from viewing course after end date' and then click on 'Update Course Details'
Q4.  What access do faculty have to the course after that term end date 4 weeks after classes end?
A4.   Faculty access will match that explained for students in A2.  The course will be available in a read only state under the 'Past Enrollments' area.   In addition to viewing the information on the concluded course instructors will be able to use the content from the course to import into a new course/term.  Details on that are found in this blog post:
Q5.  What about students who have an 'Incomplete' grade and need to continue course activities after the 4 week cutoff date?
A5.  If the student requires access to the course in myCourses to complete course work through the next semester you will need to request that the course be extended for that one student.  That request can be submitted via the myCourses support form: 
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