myCourses Organization Enrollment Workflow

Purpose: This document describes the user management process for organizations in myCourses.


Enrollment Steps for Low Enrollment Organizations (under 100 users)

Leaders are responsible for manually adding users to their organization in myCourses. This is done by navigating to the appropriate organization and clicking on People from the menu. Then click on the + People button and enter either the UNH username or UNH student ID (9-digit number). To enroll multiple users, separate each user by a comma. Be certain to set the role for the user(s) by using the available drop-down selector.


Enrollment Steps for High Enrollment Organizations (over 100 users)

Academic Technology system administrators will perform bulk uploads of users to an organization once a semester for high enrollment organizations.  System administrators will not identify the population to enroll, that must be done by the organization leader. Submit a myCourses web form request at to request a bulk load.  As part of the request please include a link to the file of users to be loaded. The file must include a column with either the UNH username or the USNH ID (9 number).





User Management during Semester

Organization leaders are responsible for maintaining user enrollments throughout the semester, which includes adding or removing users on a one-off basis.


Bulk User Removals

Academic Technology system administrators will perform bulk removal of users from an organization up to 2 times a year. These bulk removals will remove all existing ‘student’ enrollments and leave only the ‘instructor’ or leaders in the organization. Submit a myCourses web form request at  to request a bulk removal. Be sure to include the organization ID.


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