myCourses: Notification Preferences and Settings

What are Notifications?   

Notifications are messages that are automatically sent to your email when there is a addition or change to some tools or content within the course.  These preferences apply only to you and does not control how course updates are sent to other users. 

This article describes how to change your Notification Preferences within myCourses. Notifications are sent through email to the address listed at the top of column.  These settings apply to all your courses.  It is recommended that you set your Notification preferences at the start of the semester. 


How to change Notification Settings

  1. After signing in to myCourses, click on Account and then Notifications .
  2. If you would like to add an email or text (sms) address see:  myCourses Change My Primary Email (to Another Email or SMS)
  3. Review or edit the settings, located in the column that contains your default email address. Each notification option has four choices. (Depicted below.) myCourses notification choices
  4. Click the check-mark to Notify me right away .  (These notifications may be delayed by 1 hour in case the instructor is making multiple updates to the same content.)
  5. Click the clock to Send daily summary (usually sent after 11pm EST).
  6. Click the calendar to Send weekly summary (sent every Saturday morning between 2 and 4am EST).
  7. Click on the X to Do not send me anything .

These notification preferences can be set as desired, as they can help you succeed in your course.  It is however, recommended that the Conversation (aka - Inbox and email) notices be kept on ASAP as this is important for reading the emails sent through myCourses.  All notifications are delivered to the email address in the top-right corner on the Notifications page. 


Video about Notification Preferences:  



Here is a link to the Canvas guides for additional information:



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