myCourses - How to Print tests or quizzes

This article explains how to print a test in myCourses to paper or pdf file.

myCourses - How to Print a Test 

Use either Safari or Chrome browser to print a test with multiple pages.    Firefox print option does not work using these instructions.

  1. Go to your myCourses course. 
  2. In the Quizzes section, locate the the test/quiz you want to print.
  3. Select the Preview Mode.  This opens the test in the “student view” with the questions and answer entry area listed.
  4. In the browser options, locate the print option (File > Print)   
  5. Using the browser print options, you can either print directly to a printer or to a PDF file.



If the test is set to open one question at a time, then the print option will only print the one question.   To print the entire test, set the test options to show the entire test by making sure the "Show one question at a time" option is not selected and then print the test.  You can reset the test options to how you want the students to see the test.


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