myCourses - Gradebook Missing and Late Policy Rules

myCourses:  Gradebook Missing and Late Policy Rules

The policies feature allows you to define a default Missing or Late policy that will automatically adjust points for online submissions that also have a due date. Using the policy is optional and by default it is not enabled.  


What you should know about how the policies work?

  • The policies only apply to the course where you have enabled it.
  • Copied courses will not retain the previous policy settings.
  • Applies to all graded assessments that have a Due Date and are an online submission.  
    • Assessment that are included are: 
      • Graded Discussions
      • Quizzes
      • Graded Surveys
      • Assignments with a Submission Type of Online
  • Assignments flagged as "Do not count this assignment toward the final grade" will have the policy applied to the assessment but it will not change the final grade.
  • Assessments that are excluded from the policies:
    • Assignments with a Submission Type of;
      • No Submission
      • On Paper
      • External Tool which includes:
        • Clickers
        • Wiley
        • McMillan
        • Cengage
    • Any assessment with NO Due Date
    • Any unpublished assessment
    • Any assessments that do not appear in the grade book.  Examples are:
      • Practice Quiz
      • Ungraded Survey
      • Ungraded Discussion
  • If the policy is setup after grades have been applied to any assessment that are considered Missing or Late, then the policy will NOT overwrite the grade.
  • Manually entering the grades will not change the assigned Status label.  Use the Grade Detail Tray to change the Status.


Additional Information:

 myCourses - Using the Missing Submission Policy in the Gradebook 

 myCourses - Using the Late Submission Policy in the Gradebook 



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