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There are several external tools available in Canvas that can be added to your myCourses course.  These tools can be setup for students to access either through the Modules area or the course menu list.   The following instructions detail how to enable the external tools in your course.  

Add the external Tool in Modules:

  1. Navigate to the desired course.
  2. Go to the Modules location where you want to add the tool.
  3. Select the "+" to add content.  From the list, select the External Tool.
  4. A list of External tools appears in the window, scroll down to see more option.
  5. Click on the tool to select it. 
  6. Check the option to "Load in a new tab".   (If you do not see this option, expand the window or use the window scroll bar to see more options.)
  7. Select Add Item to add the Tool.


Add the external Tool to Course Menu:

The list of external tools that can be added to the Course Menu list is not necessarily the same as found under the Module > External tools option. 

  1. Navigate to the desired course.
  2. Go to Settings (located at the bottom of the course menu ).
  3. Select the Navigation tab (middle-top of the screen).
  4. Locate the item at the bottom half of that page. Drag and drop it to the top of the page above the text that reads Drag items here to hide them from students.
  5. Scroll down to locate the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.  Click Save to update the changes.

Here is a Canvas guides article for additional information about adding an external tool:


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