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If you would like to move specific content from one course to another such as Quizzes, Assignments or course files, use the Course copy option and select the specific content.   These instructions require you to start in the Canvas course where you want to import the content into .

myCourses:  Copy specific content into another course:

See the detailed steps below.   

  1. Log into myCourses, at
  2. Select the course into which you would like to import content. 
  3. In the course menu on the left, select  Settings .
  4. Select   Import Course Content from the right-hand menu.
  5. In the Content Type drop down menu, select the Copy a Canvas course .
  6. In the Search for a course  field, search for your course by typing the course name into the field or selecting a course from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the option Select Specific Content .   (You will be prompted to select specific content after you select the Import button)
  8. Select the Import button.
  9. Under Current Jobs, select the Select Content . This opens a list of your course content for you to select.
  10. Select the Arrow  to show the content under the folder and then select the content you want to copy.
    • (For example, to see your list of quizzes, select the black “twisty” next to Quizzes and then check the quiz you want to copy.)
  11. Select the Select Content  button to start the copy process.
  12. A message appears letting you know when the copy process has started and another message notifying you when it is finished.
  13. Go to the Course Menu list and select the content area that you copied.  (i.e.; Modules, Announcements, Assignment)


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