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This article describes how to add a student to a myCourses course.   These instruction also apply to adding any person to your course, just make sure you select the appropriate role (Faculty, Student, Observer, TA, Designer, etc)


Adding a Student:

Instructors are able to manually add students in myCourses.  The student will still be required to register for the course through the Registra’s office.  These steps enable faculty to add late-enrolling students to the course.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate myCourses, course and in the Course Menu, click People.
  2. Click on the People button
  3. Enter the student’s UNH user name ID, UNH student ID.
  4. If you are adding multiple students, separate each user by a comma.
  5. Select the Role (Student) and course section to which the student should be assigned.
  6. Select Next.  You should see the name of the student appear.
  7. Select Add User.  The student’s email address will appear.
  8. Select Done.   An email is sent to the student inviting them to join the course.

Do NOT enter the student’s email address as Canvas needs to locate the person using the student’s unique identifier.  The student’s default myCourses email address will automatically be added to the course.

The student will immediately be added to the course.  The student will be sent an email, inviting them to join the course. The student will also see the invitation to the course in their myCourses Dashboard.   The student must accept the invitation for the course enrollment to be complete.

Additional Information:  

Questions about removing a student from a course, read this article.

Here is a link to the Canvas guides for more detailed instructions:


Related Video:



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