Microsoft Office Enrollment for Education Solutions Agreement Details (Campus Agreement)


UNH provides Microsoft Office software to all staff via the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) license. This program was formally known as the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  As of Fall 2016, this agreement provides Microsoft Office for all UNH staff in all departments.

If you are a full-time or part-time faculty or staff member at UNH, you may use the instructions below to install Microsoft Office on any Windows or Mac computer that your department owns. You also may install the software on a home computer for work-related use only. See the full details below.  UNH IT does recommend that for UNH computers, you install Office through this license program, not through Office 365.

Students who are not department employees are not covered by this agreement.  Students do, though, have access to Office via the Office 365 program.

This software is not to be made available to anyone outside of UNH under any circumstances.


General Terms

The Microsoft EES license has several terms and restrictions that apply to the use of the software.  In general, the license states:

  • Use is subject to the terms of Microsoft's licenses for Office, including but not limited to limitations on liability, disclaimer of warranties and exclusion of remedies;
  • Users are only allowed to use the software during the licensed period;
  • If the agreement ends and is not renewed, then all users must remove Office from their computers and cease using it.

If you stop working for UNH, you are no longer licensed to continue using the Microsoft Office software and must remove it from any of your computers.

Product Terms

Microsoft publishes a copy of the Product Terms at This document cover the complete license agreement terms for use of the Microsoft software.

Work at Home Rights

In many cases, for home use, it is simpler and easier to install Office through the Office 365 program which has fewer limitations on the type of use allowed.  UNH IT recommends that for use of Office on non-UNH computers, you do so via Office 365.  If you are, though, in a situation where you need to, the Work at Home rights under the EES agreement:

permit using application, system, and CAL products on a personally owned device for work-related purposes only.

The Work at Home rights have restrictions that do not allow us to duplicate the installation CD's for distribution. If you wish to install Microsoft Office on a home computer for work purposes, you must follow the instructions below to access the server used as an installation point for the software. You can do this either by bringing your home computer to UNH and connecting it to UNH's network or by using the UNH Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to establish a secure connection to UNH's network via your home, high-speed Internet connection. If you install Office on your home desktop or laptop computer under this aspect of the EES Agreement, you must uninstall the software and stop using if your employment by UNH ends.

More Details

If you need more details about what is and is not allowed under the Microsoft EES Agreement, please see the complete terms via Microsoft's Enrollment for Education Solutions Volume License Guide.  

Microsoft Office Versions

The EES Agreement covers all versions of Microsoft Office so if for some reason you need to install an older version, you have the right to do that. We expect and recommend that most users will want to use the newest version, but we will continue to make some older versions available for installation for the foreseeable future. As you are allowed to run older versions of the products, you are free to choose from the older versions, the newer versions, or have both installed. The EES Agreement does include Software Assurance. This means that we will receive updated versions of Microsoft Office as part of the license program automatically when they are available. We will make new versions available by updating the instructions on this webpage.

Installation Instructions

Please select the version you would like to install from the list below to receive details installation instructions:

Mac OS X

Contact Information

For questions, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242.

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