MediaSpace: Uploading Media

MediaSpace allows users to upload, manage, and share media.  MediaSpace supports nearly all audio, video, and image assets.

Uploading Media

  1. Go to the UNH MediaSpace site at
  2. Click the Add New button in the upper left.  You have multiple options here, but most of the time you will want to select Media Upload.  
  3. If you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to login with your UNH username and password.
  4. The Media Upload screen will display with a large upload button.  Click it and then select the file from your computer you wish to upload.  You can only select one file. 
  5. The upload will begin automatically.  While the upload is taking place, fill out the requested details.  Only the Title is required, but adding a Description and Tags will help you and others locate and manage your media assets later.  All of these items may be changed later.
  6. Click the Save button when done adding these metadata about the media asset.

While one media file is uploading, you can also click the +Choose another file button and select and start additional files uploading.


All videos that are uploaded to MediaSpace will be automatically processed by computer-based speech to text recognition to general closed captions for the video.  This process does take a few hours to complete.  Depending on the audio quality of the media, the resulting captions will vary in quality.  In typical circumstances, the service promises 80% or better accuracy.

Much more information is available on the captioning services provided by the Kaltura system and how media owners can edit those machine-generated captions to correct any mistakes.

Appropriate Uses

MediaSpace use must comply with UNH policies and US laws.  The following are things that should be considered when posting items to MediaSpace:

  • Copyright - Do not share items via MediaSpace which you have not created or you do not have permission to share in this manner.  MediaSpace does allow you access to all of the media that you might have used in teaching a course, and copyright laws allow for special considerations for copying, sharing, and presenting in the context of a course that do not apply outside of the bounds of that course.  For more information on copyright issues, see resources provided by the UNH Library.
  • Appropriate content - Threatening, harassing, or illegal content may not be posted.  Additionally, use of MediaSpace for any commercial purposes is not allowed.  For more details on what is acceptable use of IT resources, see UNH's Policies on IT resources, especially the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Permission when recording others - If you are recording other people and posting their voice or likeness, you should get permission.  We offer a sample release form that you can use.
  • Restricted data - MediaSpace is not certified to hold restricted class data as defined by the USNH Data Classification Policy.  As a specific example, any video or audio recordings that would be considers as medical records under the HIPPA statue (e.g., recordings of counseling sessions or medical appointments) should not be uploaded to MediaSpace.

If any items posted to MediaSpace are found to be in violation of copyright or other laws, of if the items are contrary to UNH policies, they will be removed by the administrators of the service.

For more information about adding content, a detailed MediaSpace user manual is available from Kaltura Support at

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