MediaSpace: Creating and Managing Channels

MediaSpace allows users to upload, manage, and share media.  Channels are a means of sharing sets of media assets with other users.

A channel is a user-generated collection of content. You can access your channels from the My Channels selection in the User menu within MediaSpace.  To work with channels, you need to do three things:

  1. Create and manage the channel
  2. Add content to the channel
  3. Control which other users have membership to your channel and what rights those other users have

Creating a Channel

  1. Go to the UNH MediaSpace site at and login with your UNH username and password.
  2. Select My Channels from the User drop down.
    Select My Channels from Dropdown
  3. On the My Channels page, click Create Channel.  The Create a New Channel page is displayed.
  4. Enter values for the Name of the Channel and optionally for a Description and Tags to help locate the channel when searching.
  5. Select the Privacy settings for the channel.  The privacy settings are important as they determine who can and cannot access your channel and the media assets you add to it.
    • Open – All UNH account holders can see content and add content, though you can limit adding content via moderation (see below).
    • Private – Membership is by invitation only and only members can view content and add content.
    • Public - Anyone can view content including the general public. Only channel members can add content.
  6. Check the box for if you want to Moderate content or not.  If you grant others access to your channel, you may which to turn on moderation to not post media to the channel until a channel manager has given approval.

You can change any channel settings later by going to My Channels and clicking the Edit button shown on that channel.

For more information about working with channels, a detailed MediaSpace user manual is available from Kaltura Support at

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