MATLAB - Renewing TAH License

UNH's Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license for MATLAB and associated products is an annual license that ends on August 1.  All MATLAB users much renew their license annually in July or August to keep using the MATLAB software.  The renewal can be done from within MATLAB as follows.

  1. You will note that renewal is needed when you start seeing a message like this when you launch MATLAB:MATLAB License Renewal Notice
  2. In the box below, enter your UNH username and password to retrieve the Activation Key that you will need to renew your account with MathWorks.  Note: Some users may not be prompted for this code during the process, but most will be.
  3. From the menu bar under the "Help" item, select "Licensing" and then "Update Current Licenses..." item.
    MATLAB menu item to Update Current Licenses
  4. The license update window will appear.  Click the "Update" button to contact Mathworks to renew your licenses.
    MATLAB Update license window
  5. Proceed through the process using the prompts shown.  If requested, login to MathWorks with your MathWorks Account that was setup when you first obtained MATLAB.  Enter the Activation Key that you obtained above if prompted for one.

If you run into issues with this process, please contact Mathworks support directly.

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