Known Issue: VPN Issues after Microsoft Patch

The recent spate of Windows 10 & 8.1 patches has caused problems with portions of the VPN client, preventing access to many protected resource in the UNH secured networks.


While Microsoft has recognized the issue and is working to correct the problem, we do not have a timeline on a fix from them, so UNH IT is developing  a strategy to move forward.


There are two current workarounds for the issue...

1) Uninstall to problematic Windows patch, or

2) Upgrade your VPN client to 5.3r4.1.


The Windows patches as KB4056892,KB4056891,KB4056890,KB4056888,KB4056893  on Windows 10 and KB4056898 on Windows 8.1.   Please contact the service desk (603 862-3684) for assistance in removing the patches.

The newer VPN client can be found the UNH VPN information page at


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