Kaltura: Download Media to Your Computer

This article shows how to enable downloading of your Kaltura media. It also covers choosing a format and saving the file to your computer.

If you need more information about enabling your Media Gallery or My Media, refer to this article on enabling course tools.


  1. The owner of a video or audio file can download the file from Kaltura. The owner will first have to enable downloading on that file. If the owner has already made the file available for download, skip ahead to step 7.
  2. To enable downloading of a file, the media owner begins by clicking My Media from any course.
  3. Find the Media that you want to be downloaded and click its Edit button. 

4. Click the Downloads tab.


5. Multiple formats will be shown, allowing the owner to download the file at different qualities and sizes. Check off the formats that you want to make available for download. When in doubt, choose Source. 

6. After you've selected your formats, click the Save button. 

7. Only the media owner can download the media file. To download, navigate to the video or audio file using My Media.

8. Click on the media's thumbnail image.

9. You will be taken to the media's page. Select the download button from the dropdown menu to show available formats for download. 

10.  Files available for download will be shown along with their sizes. Find the format you want and click it's Download link. When in doubt, choose the Source format if available. 

11. Your browser will prompt you to open or save the file, choose Save

12. Navigate to your desired download location and click Save. Depending on your browser's settings, the file may be automatically sent to your Downloads folder. 

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