Installing Updates on Managed Workstations

If you try to run Windows Updates and have a message that “Some settings are managed by your system administrator” or that “Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization,” your workstation may be managed by your IT department.


If you are an employee with a workstation managed by an IT department, you can check for updates through Software Center.  Click the Windows button and type “Software Center” without the quotes when you are prompted to search.  Open Software Center when it shows up as a search result.

If you have an icon in your taskbar notification area alerting you that "New software is available", click that icon and then "Open Software Center."


Once in Software Center, click on the Updates option on the left side of the window.  Your pending updates will be listed and you can install them or see when they are scheduled to install.


 After installing an update, you may need to reboot so that critical Windows files can be updated.  Software Center will let you know that you are pending a reboot by stating "Requires restart" in the Status column in the "Updates" section of Software Center, as well as in the "Installation Status" section.  Clicking on an update that needs a reboot to install will give you a "Restart" button.  Click the "Restart" button to reboot and allow Windows to finish installing the update.


After installing an update, there may be an icon in your notification area alerting you that "Recently installed software requires a computer restart." Click the icon and then choose "Restart Now" or "Open Restart Window."
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