ID Look-up Tool FAQ

What is the ID Look-up Tool?

The ID Look-up tool is a tool that allows employees to search for the identities of individuals with a USNH identity record.

Who Uses the ID Look-up Tool?

The ID Look-up Tool is used by both IT and non-IT employees of UNH, USNH, GSC, PSU, and KSC.

How Do I Request Access to the ID Look-up Tool?

Access to the ID Look-up Tool can be requested through the Accounts Management System. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer). Depending on the person’s job, it can be requested under the Student Information, Financial Administration, or Human Resources sections on the Required Services page.

How Do I Access the ID Look-up Tool?

On the USNH Gateway page,  the ID Look-up tool can be found under "Production Systems".

Who Can I Contact if I Have Problems Accessing the ID Look-up Tool?

Contact the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242 for problems accessing the ID Look-up Tool. How Do I Report a Bug in the ID Look-up Tool?

To report a bug in the ID Look-up Tool fill out the  ITSM Applications Service Request form and select “Report a Bug” in the Request Type dropdown menu.

How Do I Request an Enhancement in ID Look-up Tool?

To request an enhancement in the ID Look-up Tool fill out the ITSM Applications Service Request form and select “Request Enhancement” in the Request Type dropdown menu.

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