How to use Web Information Systems for Employees (WISE) as a student employee

How to Log-in to WISE, Enter Hours as a Student Worker, and Enroll in Direct Deposit

WISE (Web Information System for Employees) is the University System of New Hampshire’s payroll portal for employees. As a student worker at UNH, you can use WISE to enter time in a time sheet, manage personal information (such as contact information), view pay information (including direct deposit allocation and earnings & deductions history), and access tax forms.

Logging into WISE:

  • Go to, and click “Login Here”
  • When a login window appears, enter your UNH username and password (credentials used for other UNH services such as MyCourses, and used to log in to cluster computers)
    • If you have issues logging in, check with your supervisor to ensure that you have a WISE account established
      (you must submit forms including IRS Form W-4).
    • If you have confirmed that you have an account or have issues logging into an existing account, visit in order to link-up your accounts and refresh your password across all accounts associated with your UNH login credentials. After the process completes, wait 5 minutes and try logging into WISE again.

Please note- If it is indicated that there is an issue with your account that you are unable to resolve, go to the ATSC (Academic Technology Support Center) on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library or call the IT Services Help Desk at 603-862-4242.

Entering Time:

  • After logging into WISE, select “Employee Services” and then “Time Sheet”
  • Select the position for which you would like to enter time, and use the drop-down menu under “Pay Period and Status” to select the desired pay period for which you are entering hours and then click “Time Sheet”
    • “Not Started” status indicates that a time sheet has not been started, “Pending” indicates that a time sheet is awaiting approval, “In Progress” indicates that a time sheet has been started by not yet submitted, and “Error” indicates that a time sheet must be reviewed, corrected, and submitted.
  • For regular hour entry, select “Enter Hours” for the day which you would like to enter time in the top row of the time sheet table that appears
  • Enter “Time In” and “Time Out,” specifying AM and PM with the respective drop-down menus
    • Times must be entered in 15-minute intervals, in the format 00:00 – for example, 3 PM would be entered as “03:00”
  • To continue to enter time, click “Previous Day” or “Next Day,” or click “Time Sheet” and select day as indicated in the steps above
  • When you are finished entering hours, return to the time sheet table by clicking “Time Sheet” and click “Submit for Approval” – then enter your password to confirm

Enrolling in Direct Deposit

  • After logging into WISE, select “Employee Services” and then “Pay Information”
  • Select “Direct Deposit Allocation,” and complete the appropriate Direct Deposit form (the Net Amount Authorization Form and Instructions can be found at the following URL- Direct Deposit Form)
  • Present the form in person with a photo ID at the Payroll Office


Go to the ATSC (Academic Technology Support Center) on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library or call the IT Services Help Desk at 603-862-4242 if you continue to have issues logging into WISE.

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