How-To: Route Print (Mac OS X)

Mac OS X has a command-line utility for performing a route print called "netstat". The routing table of a device displays the various paths an application may take to reach various network resources. When connected to the UNH VPN, various routes may be assigned to your device to allow network access to such resources.

To print the routing table on a Mac OS X computer, you must open a Terminal window. Terminal can be found by opening the Finder, selection Applications and Utilities. To open a terminal session, double-click on "".

Inside the Terminal application, the route print command is "netstat -nr". This will display the current routing table for the logged-in user.

To copy this result simple highlight and copy (Command (⌘) C). You may also export the results of the route print directly to a file on your computer by directing the output of the netstat command to a file versus the screen. The following command will output the routing table to a file called "routing_table.txt" on the Desktop: "netstat -nr > ~/Desktop/routing_table.txt".

The resulting file will include the same route information that is displayed on the screen in the previous step.


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