How To Filter Bulk Mail in OWA (Outlook Web App)

The bulk rule is a rule that can be added to your Outlook to decrease spam from hitting your primary Inbox. Instead it will be directed to a folder named Bulk.

You will want to check the bulk folder every now and then just in case there is an email that is desired ends up being filtered.


1.In Outlook Web App click the Gear Icon and then select Options

OWA Options Gear

2. Select Organize Email. Click the PLUS + sign and then select Create new rule for arriving messages

OWA create new rule

3. Name the rule Bulk Rule and then select More Options.

more options

4.Under *When the message arrives, and: Select It includes these words and then in the message header

select words in message header

5. In the text box type "rule=inbound_bulk" and then click the Plus Symbol. Click OK.

text for rule

6.Under Do the following: Select Move, Copy, or Delete and then Move the message to folder...

do the following

7. Click New Folder. Name it Bulk and select where you want it located. You can move the folder at anytime without affecting the rule. Hit Enter and then OK.

new folder

8. Your screen should look like the screen shot below. Click Save and the rule will be active.

save bulk rule

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