How to Clear Java Cache

Most  USNH Enterprise applications use Java. If an Enterprise Application such as FAMIS or AppMan is not allowing you to log in, or is behaving strangely, clearing the Java cache through the Java Control Panel can help solve the problem.

See instructions below based on Operating System:


How to find Java Control Panel on Windows -

How to clear Java cache on Windows -


Mac OS X

How to find Java Control Panel on Mac -

How to clear Java cache on Mac -


Example problems that can be solved by clearing Java cache

FAMIS – If a user is unable to log into FAMIS after FAMIS upgrade or other system work, please have the user clear their Java cache and try logging in again.

AppMan – If you receive an error about the Client.jnlp version being the wrong version, or a version mismatch, then you must go into the Java Control Panel utility and clear the Java cache.

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