How do I Update my Macintosh computer after changing my AD Password

It is important to update all of your computers and devices after you have changed your UNH AD password. Although there are some applications that will prompt you for your new password, there are occasions when you are not prompted and, without even knowing it, your device is making multiple attempts to connect to the UNH Network without success. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, your account will be locked as a security measure, designed to protect your account from unauthorized attempts.

If your AD account is locked, contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 or visit the Academic Technology Support Desk in the Dimond Library

Follow these steps to update your Macintosh computer:    

1.  Update your Mail program

  1. Open your Mail program
  2. Go to Preferences
  3. Go to Accounts and check for any saved password.  Delete the saved password or update it.

2.  Remove your UNH Password from your Mac OSX keychain:

  1. It is VERY important the you QUIT all running programs on your Mac computer (HINT: Command-Tab will cycle through all running programs.)
  2. Go to Finder|Go to Applications|Then Utilities|Open keychain access
  3. The Keychain Access window has a column along the left side which is split into a top (Keychains) and bottom (Category), plus a listing of individual Keychain items on the right hand side.
  4. In the list of  keychains, make sure that the LOGIN keychain is selected.  If it isn't click once on it.
  5. In the list of Categories, click on PASSWORDS.  You should see a listing of all your saved passwords on the right-hand of the window.
  6. In the very top, right of the window go to search box and type:
  7. You will likely want to DELETE all of your saved UNH passwords (by pressing the DELETE key) so your Mac will prompt you to enter your NEW password when and if you access that resource in the future.
  8. You may be prompted for your MAC’s password.
  9. Quit the Keychain Access program.
  10. Your Mac OS X Keychain should now have "forgotten" your OLD AD password and will prompt you to enter your NEW UNH password as needed

3.  Clear Saved Passwords in your browsers

Click on Safari in the menu bar and go to Preferences|Passwords

Go to drop down menu on the right side of the address bar and go to Settings|Then on the left go to Settings again|on the right side at the bottom, go to Advanced Settings|then go to Privacy|Click on Mange saved passwords

Go to Firefox in the menu bar at the top and go to Preferences|Security|Click on Saved Passwords and remove any that are associated with your UNH Account.

4.  If your UNH Password is saved on any mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, update these devices with your new UNH password.

5.  If you also use a Windows Computer see  How do I update my Windows computer after I change my AD password? for instructions for updating it after a Password change

For any computers or devices that connect to the UNH Secure Wireless Network
If you are having issues connecting to the wireless network after changing your password. Connect to UNH Public, open a browser and go to and run the wireless set up applet.   This will ensure that your wifi settings are configured with the most up to date certificates.

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