How do I log in to the International Travel Registry?


1. Go to
2. Select "Create/Edit a Traveler Profile".
3. Log in with your UNH username and password.
4.  You will land at another login page with your Username pre-populated with your USNH ID#.
5. If you have not previously logged in to this Profile section, click on “Register” on the left side and complete the form which prompts for the creation of a password.   Remember this password since it is not synced to the UNH Password.
6. If you have previously created a password, click on Login and enter your Registry Profile Password.  (note: username = UNH ID#)

To Create/Edit a TRIP:

1. Go to
2. Select "Register/Edit a Trip".
3. At prompts, enter your UNH Username and Password.
4. If you did not previously set up a complete profile, you will be directed to the Traveler Profile section.  (see above for how to create/edit a profile).
5. If selecting "Register a Trip",  enter the Itinerary Editor and proceed with creating a trip.
6. If selecting "Edit a Trip", a list of available trips will appear at the bottom of the screen.  You can then select Edit, Remove, Clone or View History for each trip in the list. Trips which have been completed cannot be edited.

NOTE:  In some cases student trip information has been uploaded through a bulk upload process.  It is recommended that all student users review Edit a Trip first to see if a trip has already been started on their behalf.

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