How do I find my phone Long Distance Authorization Code?

Trying to make a long distance call and hearing 3 beeps after dialing the phone number, but call will not connect? You need to enter in your Long Distance Authorization Code, after hearing the 3 beeps.

Not sure what your Long Distance Authorization Code is?

  • Go to:
  • Click on Login at top right corner of page
  • Login with your AD credentials
  • Home page will show Long Distance Authorization Code/s
    • Some users have both a business code and a personal code
    • Be sure to use the appropriate code for each call

 If you do not see a Long Distance Authorization Code assigned to you, you can request one online: 

  • For a personal long distance  authorization code, click on Make a Request at the top of the page and select Long Distance Authorization Codes option. Complete the request form, including the agreement section, and click on Submit  Request. You will be notified by Telecom when your authorization code is available.
  • For a business long distance authorization code, contact your department Telecom Account Manager (TAM) as they will need to make that request for you.
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