How can I record and change greetings in Unified Messaging?

You can dial in to review and record your voicemail greetings at these numbers:

  • 603-862-8888 (2-8888) UNH Durham
  • 603-641-4300 (1-4300) UNH Manchester
  • 603-513-5290 (3-5290) UNH Law

 After dialing in, either say “Personal Options”, or press 6.

You will then be prompted to switch between your personal and away greeting, or record a new greeting. To switch between your personal and away greetings, press 1. To record a greeting, press 2.

After pressing 2 to record a new greeting, you will have an option to record your personal greeting, away greeting, or your name.

  • Personal Greeting – This is the greeting callers will hear after reaching your voicemail.
  • Away Greeting – This is the greeting callers will hear after reaching your voicemail if you enabled your away greeting.
  • Name – This will play your name when callers reach your voicemail if you have no personal greeting recorded. You have the option to record your name, or have Exchange use text-to-speech to pronounce your name.
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