Host Checker Remediation

 The “Reasons” section of the Host Checker notice dialogue will give you more information about what, specifically, needs to be corrected to allow for full access through the VPN.  It does tend to be difficult to decipher, so here is presented information to help you remediate the deficiency.  The “Reasons” section should, at least, give you a general idea of the type of issue. 

-        Anti-Virus Related

-        Firewall Related

-        Patching related

-        Encryption Related

-        Data Loss Prevention related


Once the issue has been corrected, you can retry the connection with the “Retry” button at the bottom of the Host Checker dialogue.


Anti-Virus related

               Anti-virus related reasons will either refer to the lack of any anti-virus or insufficiency in the configuration of an anti-virus package (example below.)  Note: if multiple anti-virus/malware packages are installed, only one needs to match all compliance criteria for Host Checker to accept the system.


While specific software packages are not required, and the Host Checker recognizes a vast array of anti-virus packages, we have some specific information below regarding configuring UNH supported anti-virus packages for Host Checker compliance. 


Downloading and installing an anti-virus package:

-        Windows

-        Mac



-        Anti-Virus issues


-        Anti-Virus


Firewall Related

               The Host Checker requires Windows computers have local firewalling enabled.    If this is the issue, the reason will look something like the below…

…referring specifically to firewalling. 


-        Windows Firewall




At this point Patching, Encryption, and Data Loss Prevention tests are not enabled.  If/when they are, remediation information will be available here.

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