Handling Phishing Phone Calls and Voicemail

What is phishing? Any form of communication that you do not initiate can be considered phishing. To handle these types of communications, there are different steps you can take to screen, prevent, and, if needed, report them.

While UNH has no way of blocking incoming calls, you can help to stop calls of this type by registering your UNH phone number on the “National Do Not Call Registry” found at www.donotcall.gov.

If you do receive a phone call from a number that is unfamiliar to you, or seems untrustworthy – recent example 121-212-1212 – do not answer the call, let it go to voicemail. If you answer the call, the connection verifies for the caller that they have an active line and they will continue these types of phone calls. If you choose to answer the call, be sure you do not give out sensitive information to unverified solicitors.

Some phishing calls will not leave a voicemail, in those situations, just delete the Missed Call notification in your Exchange account.

If a voicemail is left and it contains requests for: personal information; directs you to call an unfamiliar person; directs you to an unfamiliar website – you can simply delete the voicemail from your Exchange account. If you would like to report the call, contact the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242; or forward the notification to UNH Information Security Services (ISS) at phishing.report@unh.edu 

or report the incident using the ISS support form. 

**Note: If the voicemail contains threatening information – contact your local police department. UNH Police are available at 603-862-1427.


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