Get Box @ UNH

All active UNH Staff, Faculty, and Students have access to Box @ UNH. 

 ** Please note this MUST be done in a web browser. Logging into Box using a Box application installed on the computer will result in a log in error **

To create a Box Account simply follow these directions below.  Box accounts are automatically created after logging into for the first time.

  1. Open a web browser - go to Recommended - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari . This will bring you to the Box @ UNH log in screen. 

  2. At the first log-in screen, it requires you indicate that you are a part of the University of New Hampshire, Click Continue.

  3. On the second log-in screen, enter your UNH credentials:

    • Faculty and staff should enter their UNH AD username and password into the required fields and select Sign in.
    • UNH students should enter their UNH Wildcats email address ( and password, and then click Sign In.
  4. This will automatically create your Box @ UNH account. No further steps are required to start using Box @ UNH.

  • UNH IT encourages the use of Box Group Accounts for faculty/staff to guard against losing important files when an employee departs.
  •  UNH Faculty and Staff may retain access to Box @ UNH for 90 days upon request, unless circumstances warrant a different course of actions. In order to retain access the departing faculty/staff must have a sponsored account

Visit our UNH Box informational site for helpful resources.

If you are prompted to log in:

Enter username@UNHEmail.Address

  • Students
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Pool and Secondary accounts:
    • This same process applies to Pool or Secondary accounts. 
    • Pool/ Secondary Account owner must log into in a preferred browser
    • To add a Pool/Secondary account as a collaborator use the full email address for the account
Custom Fields
  • Application: Box@UNH
  • Department: Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging
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