FP1 Home Folder Migration to Box

Need to upload files from your FP1 home folder (H Drive) to Box?

Windows Instructions:

  •  Connect to drive
    1. Go to Search Programs and Features - enter \\fp1\[username$]
    2. Press enter
    3. If you are not able to connect to the drive- log into the VPN using Pulse Secure * Contact UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242 if you continue to have issues.
  • A new File Explorer Window will open
  • Open Box Drive or Box Sync in a new window 
  • Select all files - Ctrl- A, Copy files by right clicking or using Ctrl-C
  • Paste files Ctrl-V in a folder of your choosing in Box Drive or Box Sync
  • Leave your machine on for the duration, the file transfer can take some time.

Mac Instructions:

  • Connect to drive
    • Connect to VPN using Pulse Secure
    • Select Finder, then Go, local connect to Server
    • Enter smb://fp1.unh.edu/[username$]
    • Press return
  • A new file explorer window will open
  • Open Box Sync or Box Drive in a second window
    • See bottom of this page for instructions
  • Select All files from the FP1 Window - Command-a
  • Copy files from the FP1 Window- Command-c
  • Paste files Command-v - into the Box Sync or Box Drive. Recommend creating a Folder at the root of your Box Folder - Name it From H drive or choose a file name you will easily recognize.

 If you do not have Box Drive - check out our install instructions guide here

  • Box Drive does not save files to your computer, so it takes up minimal space
  • You are able to see all your files in Box from your Desktop
  • If you have Box Sync installed, it is NOT recommended to use Box Drive, unless you fully uninstall Box Sync.


 If you would prefer to have assistance, please contact the File Share Team at File.Sharing@unh.edu. We will be happy to help.



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