FLS Internal: UNH Law Tech Support Overview

UNH School of Law IT Support

UNH School of Law IT Support was moved, in part, to the UNH Service Desk effective Jan 1, 2014. 

At this point, Law has been fully integrated and is supported in the exact manner as the Manchester and Durham campuses.

However, there are some IT areas that are NOT supported by the UNH Service Desk and users should be directed appropriately. See below for details.

 UNH Law Students can log into Wildcats mail with the username format of  username@unhlaw.unh.edu

UNH Law IT Resources - Paul LaClair (paul.laclair@law.unh.edu, x35203) is Director of Information Technology and Adam (A. J.) Kierstead (adam.kierstead@law.unh.edu, x35127) is Computer Services Technician and Media Producer.

 The best means for clients to contact Law IT is by stopping by Room 301 on the Concord campus, by e-mailing help.desk@law.unh.edu, or by calling x43555.

Submitting Request For Online Assistance -  https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=162

UNH Law IT Student Support Helpful Links webpage -  https://law.unh.edu/about/campus-wide-services/information-technology


UNH Law Online Courses - Same as Durham and Manchester.

Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw are online legal research platforms that the UNH Law Library subscribes to. Lexis-Nexis includes a 'light' version of Blackboard CMS. Westlaw includes The West Education Network (TWEN), a proprietary CMS for law schools. While most law professors now utilize UNH Canvas, some still utilize Lexis-Nexis Blackboard or TWEN for their courses. Neither of these systems are supported by UNH or UNH Law IT. Clients requesting Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw support should contact Tom Hemstock in the UNH Law Library (tom.hemstock@law.unh.edu, x35199).


Courses using UNH Canvas (MyUNH) receive standard UNH support.


EMS - Calendaring and Room Reservation

Transfer the client to x43555 (this is an internal number that rings their Support Desk - we must handle the transfer)
EMS Questions can also be queued in Team Dynamics to UNH Law - IT (Group)
https://calendar.law.unh.edu/ for viewing room schedules and reserve rooms

Transcript Requests -   For students who attended before becoming part of UNH - Webpage is https://law.unh.edu/academics/registrar  (see “Transcripts”). Phone is 603-513-5119

Printing – UNH Law utilizes the Pharos printing system on the Concord campus. Please direct all Law printing support requests to the Law IT group.

Electronic Exams – UNH Law utilizes Electronic Bluebook (EBB) to administer all exams electronically. Please direct all Law EBB requests to the Law IT group.

ID Cards – Paul LaClair handles all Law ID card and physical building access issues (paul.laclair@law.unh.edu, x35203)

Student e-mail Aliases – Starting Monday, December 2nd, law students will be afforded the ability to implement an interim professional WildCatsMail address. The link to opt-in to this service is: https://pssa.unh.edu/cgi-bin/selfserv/aclite/.UNH

Opting in will change the student’s primary e-mail address (incoming and outgoing) to the professional address of their choice, which remain in place until 18 months after they graduate.


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