FAQs for Graduating and Departing Students

‘What Happens to My Email When I Graduate’ and Other Questions  

Here are some frequently asked questions that come into the UNH IT Service Desk regarding access to IT resources after students leave the institution. 

When does my access to UNH IT resources expire? 

As a general rule, all departing students will retain access to UNH IT resources 30 days after the start of the next semester once they depart (this is called R+30). For example, students who graduate in May will have access until Early October. Students who depart after fall semester (December) will have access until mid-February.  

The following services and applications are included in this model: Microsoft Office 365, Student Computer Clusters, UNH Pulse Secure VPN, Qualtrics, and UNH-Secure wireless.   

What happens to my UNH Wildcats email?   

Starting in 2012, all students who depart UNH will retain access to their Wildcats email and the associated address via Outlook.com, per our current license agreement with Microsoft.  

What happens to my free version of Microsoft Office 365?

UNH students will retain full access to MS Office 365 for 30 days after the start of the next semester once they depart the institution. During this window, we recommend downloading and moving these files into Box. After this window, UNH students will still retain access to their Microsoft Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks. For example, students who graduate in May will have access until Early October. Students who depart after fall semester (December) will have access until mid-February.  

What happens to my files and folders in Box?

While students enjoy unlimited storage for Box during their time at UNH, upon departure, their quotas will return to 50 GB. If you want to keep access to your UNH Box account, you must fill out the Box @ UNH Support Form with Request Type “Request Prior Student/Alumni Account."


Will my UNH account go away? 

UNH students will retain their UNH username and ID number for life. You can use these credentials to access your transcripts.  

I am a work study student who has Exchange email. Will I still be able to access my Exchange email when I leave?

When your supervisor provisions your Exchange email, they set a termination date. Once this date arrives, your access to Exchange email will go away.  

Where can I find my transcripts? 

UNH students will still retain access to
Webcat via the UNH Portal when they leave. To access Webcat:   

  1. Go to my.unh.edu
  2. Login with your UNH username and password.  
  3. Click on UNH, then Webcat/Services. Click continue.  
  4. Once in Webcat, you will find your transcripts under the Student Records menu.  

 What happens to my access to academic software, such as MATLAB or Qualtrics?  
As a whole, UNH student access to academic software will go away. But technically, it varies. The following scenarios apply:  

  • For programs that require the checkout of a license from UNH servers like SPSS, ArcGIS, Maple, or Mathematica, they will work until the student's UNH VPN access goes away (30 days after departure). 
  • For other programs that have a local license file like SAS, JMP, and MATLAB, these applications will continue to work, but the student will not be able to get a new license file once the current one expires. 

I created a Qualtrics survey and need to reassign ownership to someone else who is taking over my project. Is this possible?  
Yes. Read this UNH IT Knowledge Base article.  

I have additional questions. Where can I get help?

Contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242,
 or submit a question online 



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