What is FAMIS?

FAMIS is an enterprise Facility Asset Management Information System. It is used to assist in managing and operating the University's physical environment: campus buildings, roads, land, grounds, utilities, etc.. 

Who Can Get a FAMIS Account?

Accounts are issued to UNH staff and contractors who work for Operations & Maintenance, Energy & Campus Development, or Housing offices.

How Can I Apply for an Account?

Contact your supervisor.  While FAMIS accounts can be requested through the Accounts Management System, only designated individuals have been granted permission to make these requests.  Only those with rights to request these accounts can see FAMIS in the list of available accounts within the Accounts Management System. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

How do I change my password?

Your FAMIS account is synced to your AD username and password.  To change your AD password, follow the instructions found on the Log In Help page.

What if I forget my password?

To reset your AD password, follow the instructions found on the Log In Help page.

Where can I find more information or answers?

If you have any FAMIS technical questions, you can complete a FAMIS Support Request Web form.

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