Exchange Online Archiving (EOA)

What is Exchange Online Archiving?

Exchange Online Archiving is the replacement of PST archive files. Exchange Online Archiving is a cloud hosted mailbox just for securely storing old emails rather than on your local computer. You can set your Archive Policy on each respective mailbox folder within your Exchange account, which determines the amount of time email is kept in your mailbox before it automatically migrates to your Exchange Online Archive.

The default archive policy is 1 year; meaning items that are older than 1 year will automatically be moved to your Exchange Online Archive. Learn how to set your Archive Policy here.


How do I enable Exchange Online Archiving?

Enabling Exchange Online Archiving on your account may take up to 24 hours. You will not be able to proceed until your Exchange Online Archive is activated and fully functional. Once Fully Functional, you will need to Authenticate Exchange Online Archiving.

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